DSC_7253I’m Megan Reed, and it’s my passion to offer high quality and fun music education for parents and children. I believe that every human being is profoundly musical, and I would love the opportunity to nurture this gift in you and your child!

Music is an innate human ability. You can hear music in the rhythm of our speech and our steady gait when we walk. All human cultures have some form of music. It is intrinsic to our nature.

Studying music has many benefits, including increased IQ scores and better spatial reasoning (see the Benefits of Music button!). But, I believe music for its own sake is important. It is a skill that will last a lifetime, bring untold joy, and help make connections with other people. Everyone should have the opportunity to experience the joy playing music can bring!




Young children learn naturally through play. The best leaning happens through games, puppets, movement, creative exploration and colorful props. All classes are developmentally based and sequential. I don’t mix the “toddlers” with the “big kids” because they are at different developmental stages and need different types of input.



Although I have taught music lessons for over 20 years, it was only after the birth of my own children that I discovered the joy of teaching the very young. I taught elementary school music prior to the birth of my first child. The youngest children I taught were Kindergarten students, ages 5 and up. When I began teaching my own kids and their friends, I was amazed at what they were capable of at such a young age. From birth, children gravitate towards music. They sing and dance from their very earliest days. Amazing!

And so, Intrinsic Melodies was born. Developmentally appropriate classes from birth through adulthood. Designed to bring out the inner musician in you and your child. Conceived from my love of teaching, joy of music making and multiple degrees in music.  Learn More


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