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Why Simply Music?

Simply Music is a unique, multi-sensory, playing-based method that has students of all ages learning to play great-sounding contemporary, classical, gospel and blues piano – immediately – from their very first lessons!

Our students learn in 2-3 months what takes most traditional approaches 2+ years to learn, playing 30-50 classical, jazz, blues, and accompaniment songs in their first year of piano with the breakthrough Simply Music method.

Simply Music has four reasons it has proven to be a breakthrough as a non-traditional method. The learning process is set apart by:

  • The quantity of music learned
  • The quality of that music
  • The speed at which our students learn
  • The ease with which they learn

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What is Simply Music?

Watch this video from Simply Music Founder Neil Moore about how the method works!

In this video, Simply Music Founder & Executive Director, Neil Moore, shares how the Simply Music Piano program works.

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